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FAMASONS was established in 2003 by a family team of passionate food industry professionals who are obsessive about pursuing the quest for Ingredients of absolute quality and perfection.

Being an efficient, dynamic and distinctive company, FAMASONS devotes itself to the Bulk supply of the world’s finest Ingredients. The commitment and dedication in providing Premium Ingredient Solutions to all sectors of the food manufacturing Industry is clearly evident when using our products to create that final masterpiece.

Our Philosophy of “What you put in is what you’ll get out” is what keeps us going and holds real value in our organization. Our employees are part of our family because they too, love what they do.


Many of our products go beyond the industry standards for quality and we ensure that we continuously provide our customers with consistent niche inventions that offer exceptional value and outstanding performance in all applications.

In keeping with the latest food trends and customer demands, FAMASONS makes every effort to be at the forefront of supplying new, straightforward and innovative products, greatly assisting all our customers in realising their culinary dreams without experiencing any downtime.

FAMASONS is known as the Ingredient Solutions Provider for Industry Connoisseurs, and whether you’re a Baker, Confectioner, Pastry Chef, Caterer or Restaurateur, our Ingredients allow you to captivate your customers and keep up with the needs of a competitive market.



FAMASONS is the official importer and distributor of AALST Fine Chocolate and inclusions in South Africa.

The AALST range consists of Compound and Coverture chocolate used in the manufacture of baked goods, confectionary, desserts, beverages and Ice-cream in more than 35 countries worldwide.

While we also have our own specially manufactured, easy to use brands, we also distribute quality offerings obtained locally from responsible corporations. Our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers who are food-safe, sustainable and comply with the highest industry criteria, ensuring our products perform perfectly in your hands.


Our centrally located warehouse allows for flexible, efficient and speedy turnaround times, permitting our customers, big and small, to swiftly benefit from the quality and array of Ingredient Solutions offered by FAMASONS.

Our efficient delivery service is free of charge, provided a minimum sales order size is fulfilled.

Ensuring that the Baking and Confectionery industry thrives is our number one priority at FAMASONS. This is why we promise to deliver your ingredients on time, without fuss and in perfect condition. Famasons is owner driven but customer orientated, ensuring that you get product and service that is unequalled in terms of quality but best suited to you and your establishment.

Experience the FAMASONS touch today and place yourself at the forefront of your industry. Browse through our extensive product list and start your journey in achieving the quintessential / ultimate masterpiece.

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